Fire and Safety Solution

IT Onkey is represent considerable authority in the stockpile and administration of fire unit and backing administrations. We highly esteem the greatness of administration, workmanship and our great costs.

Our office is situated in Australia which is unmistakably situated to support our clients all through the country. We works in the stockpile and agreement protection of fire hardware, from alarm frameworks to dry riser frameworks.

All new hardware provided is industrial facility made to current Australian Guidelines. All fire dousers are fabricated in the Australia.

FM200 & NOVEC Solution

Fire Concealment Frameworks are generally utilized on datacentre and weighty power hardware. Concealment frameworks utilize a mix of dry synthetic substances or potentially wet specialists to smother gear fires.

Concealment frameworks have turned into a need to a few ventures as they assist with controlling harm and misfortune to gear. Familiar method for discovery are through VESDA, Intensity Sensors, wiring, or manual identification (contingent upon framework determination).

IT Onkey is trusted and able framework integrator for server farm counseling and turnkey arrangements here. Our wide contribution and venture information, gaining practical experience in planning datacentres, server room and specialized spaces that coordinate, best-of-breed, basic framework advances and result in perpetually accessible, adaptable, repetitive, shortcoming open minded, reasonable and viable crucial environmental factors.