IT Onkey is favored to impart lofty relations to first OEM viz: Cisco, D-Connection, HP, Brocade, Avaya, Dell and so on.

IT Onkey has successfully arranged, planned and executed basic organizations LAN-WAN-CAN for different associations, we convey surprising corporate worth to organized organization of all sizes and across all organizations.

Our point is to convey top notch organizing answers for the associated end-client they might be inward laborer, outside specialists through Layered systems administration arrangement for example Center Dissemination Access Layered exchanging.

We additionally has Green IT choices for exchanging and steering for association moving towards Green IT arrangement.

Utilizing multi-facet exchanging innovation, IT Onkey switches give Top quality (HD) video transfer transmission, flexible distributed computing, IPv6-proficient equipment, coordinated security assurance, and Various leveled Nature of Administration (HQoS)- based refined administrations, notwithstanding steady, dependable, and secure superior execution L2/L3 exchanging administrations.

Huawei's Ethernet switches have been broadly utilized in Wide Region Organization (WAN), MAN, and server farm organizations, building application-situated network stages for transporters and coordinating changing and directing capabilities to fabricate start to finish united networks.